Daniel Emma

Daniel Emma

Daniel Emma

We find your designs very interesting. Can you tell us about your creative process?

We work quite organically, never reallying sitting down to ‘design’ as such. We are always thinking about new things though so we often design in transit, whether it be on our bikes or a walk along our local beach. Our works are a collaboration between the two of us, equal parts Daniel and Emma, which is what makes our products unique, as they are never a single persons design, rather a combination of two peoples ideas and experiences.

Materials enhance aesthetics. Which are the materials you feel more comfortable working with?

We enjoy working with a vast array of materials and processes and are never really drawn to a single medium. This variety gives us an almost limitless palette to work with including resins, timber, metals, glass, ceramics, and of course all of the techniques to work with them.

Can you name two currently working designers that have influenced your work? 

We have a lot of very talented friends who are both artists and designers which is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.  Our top 5 would be David Booth, Carla McRae, Beci Orpin, Fred Ganim and Henry Wilson.

Out of all of your designs, which one is your favorite? What aesthetics is it framed in?

Our favourite pieces are our stationery container, which was one of our very first designs, created in 2009, also our Cherry Light for French company, Petite Friture and the Soft Chair which we manufacture locally here in Australia and distribute the world over.

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